Dosing and monitoring systems

When dosing chemical treatment products, companies must be extremely precise despite the fact dosings can vary from one situation or circumstance to the other. Dosing pumps address those challenges making them a “must have” in the industry. There are various dosing pumps available, depending on system pressure, the nature of the chemical product as well as its quantity. Green Europe offers a complete range of dosing pumps to satisfy your technical and financial requirements.

Our different solutions include: membrane dosing pumps, piston dosing pumps, peristaltic dosing pumps (here, the return flow fluid goes through a rubber pipe that incorporates a cam).

When polyelectrolytes are required for circulating water, we can provide you with your polyelectrolyte solution needs, whether in powder form or as liquid concentrate. Do not hesitate to contact us for your dosing pump requirements, so we can give you the right advice on the best option. Green Europe can supply you with the right equipment and proper after-sales assistance (maintenance and spare parts).

Dosing pumps

During the monitoring process of a chemical treatment programme, or within the normal sphere of water monitoring, regular measurements of physico-chemical and microbial parameters must be undertaken. Green Europe offers a wide range of measuring and monitoring systems, from simply measuring the parameters, such as pH (using a pH-meter),conductivity (conductivity meter), hardness of the water, or other complex monitoring procedures, such as ATP concentration measurements (Adenosine triphosphate), that gives the degree of bacterial activity in the actual water.

Regular monitoring of cooling towers and boilers

Even when Green Europe’s technician is not actually on site, monitoring the parameters of your cooling tower or your boiler purges can still be done using our automatic systems: WEB-Master systems monitor and record continuously the main parameters of the water circulating through your cooling towers (pH, conductivity, etc.).

Depending on the recorded data and corresponding parameters, instructions are relayed to either start or terminate the purge. Similar systems are available for adjusting the parameters of an overheating or steam boiler. Europe can also undertake regular monitoring of dissolved oxygen in water going through the boilers.

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Regular adjustments for boiler purges.