Green Europe’s engineering services

In addition to chemical products, a successful chemical treatment requires a range of other elements such as the dosing system and the automatic monitoring of treated equipment, to mention a few.Un programme de traitement rentable de l’eau nécessite, outre l’utilisation de produits chimiques adéquats et performants, un ensemble d’outils tels que des systèmes de dosage, des systèmes de contrôle automatiques des équipements de gestion de l’eau, etc.

Feedwater treatment

The quality of available water sometimes requires a pre treatment. Green Europe can address this issue: we supply and install the equipment that make available water acceptable to your installation demands: water softeners, reverse osmosisor resin systems are all products we could provide to improve the quality of your water.

Reduce your cooling costs

Green Europe also offers an innovative system designed to optimise water through the cooling towers: a Cap-DI system (capacitive deionisation) is available within our range of equipment. When placed within the evaporative coolers, Cap-DI enables big savings since it can significantly reduce the quantity of waterfed into the system.

Traitement de l'eau entrante

Our dosing systems and chemical monitoring of parameters

Within our range of products, we also offer a wide variety of dosing systems: dosing pumps, return flow pumps, storage systems, WEB Master. Our expert staff can provide you with all the advice you need to define the best solution for your needs. Amongst our equipments, chemical parameter monitoring systems, for cooling towers or boilers provide continuous critical data for your installations(pH, conductivity, salinity, etc.), with remote monitoring capabilities. As an illustration, our on the edge technology can monitor your systems via your smartphone.

Optimise your production costs by trusting Green Europe’s engineering expertise!