Water conditioning
Turn your problems to opportunities!

Often, actual water characteristics of a system used either industrially or by a collectivity (hospital, hotel, etc.) do not comply with the technical or legal requirements. In those conditions, it becomes necessary to modify the water physico-chemical properties.

When a softener is no longer enough

If it is sometimes enough to reduce the hardness of water (using a water softener), it might occasionally become necessary to do more, by using water production systems of better quality (osmosed water – via an osmosis unit – or water that has been demineralised).

The Cap-DI system

An interesting alternative system to osmosis or demineralisation of water, is one that makes use of capacitive deionisation Cap-DI. The Cap-DI system uses electrical elements (discharge plates) to extract salinity from the water, thus reducing it significantly.

A full range of equipment for softening water

Green Europe is able to respond to any need in the field of physico-chemical water improvement using our full range of equipment including softeners, osmosis, or water demineralisation making use of resin. We can offer :

  • Simple or multi-head water softeners;
  • Systems measuring the hardness of water exiting the softener unit;
  • One-step or multi-step osmosis systems (RO unit);
  • Ionic, cationic resin columns (water demineralisation using resin);
  • Decarbonation tower;
  • Mixed bed.


Do not hesitate to call on Green Europe’s expertise for a targeted solution for your systems and needs.

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