Water treatment

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    In addition to chemical products, a successful chemical treatment requires a range of other elements such as the dosing system and the automatic monitoring of treated equipment, to mention a few.

  • Dosing and monitoring systems

    When dosing chemical treatment products, companies must be extremely precise despite the fact dosings can vary from one situation or circumstance to the other. Dosing pumps address those challenges making them a “must have” in the industry. There are various dosing pumps available, depending on system pressure, the nature of the chemical product as well as its quantity. Green Europe offers a complete range of dosing pumps to satisfy your technical and financial requirements.

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    Water conditioning

    Often, actual water characteristics of a system used either industrially or by a collectivity (hospital, hotel, etc.) do not comply with the technical or legal requirements. In those conditions, it becomes necessary to modify the water physico-chemical properties.