Exploiting your industrial water
Green chemistry, a natural method of exploiting your industrial water!

Irrigation pipes for industrial or private use, are often affected by limescale, corrosion, as well an army of microbial contaminants, destroying your materials. On top of this, the productivity, and the lifespan,of the pipes is diminished. Using our green chemical water treatment programmes, Green Europe can improve your installations in an eco-friendly way!

Green Europe is committed to the environment

Our « green chemistry » will improve the efficiency of your systems, whilst respecting the environment for the disposal of wastewater and purge water.

Green Europe : innovative solutions

The process is crucial since surface water often gets polluted by chemical products that are harmful for the environment. Calling onour expertise and innovative solutions, Green Europe will help you reap the benefits of an eco-friendly chemical water treatment.

Our chemical formulae

We make use of several specific families of chemical products:

  1. Anti-limescale products
  2. Corrosion inhibitors
  3. Biocides
  4. Wastewater treatment: polyelectrolytes, anti-foam, enzymes, bacteria, …

Les Technological auxiliary agents : steam and gas treatment, coking plant treatment, sugar industry, paper-mills, petrochemicals, emulsion splitting, liquefying massecuite, steam and gas treatment, etc.

Culture de bactéries

Made-to-measure solutions

Green Europe offers programmes specifically designed with your installations in mind, taking into account all the different parameters: water characteristics, humidity levels, age of equipment, industrial processes or raw materials being used, etc.

We give you the guarantee that the chemical treatment applied to your water installations will eliminate the problems linked to limescale, corrosion and microbial growth, what would boost the efficiency of your systems.

To summarise

  • You wish to verify and optimise the performance of your industrial installations!

  • You wish to reduce your environmental impact and to comply with the latest existing standards – and, at the same time,enhance the « green » image of your company!

  • You wish to increase your competitiveness and productivity by increasing the efficiency of your systems!

  • Your water and energy overheads are too high!

Calling on our expertise in the field of chemical water treatment

Calling on our expertise in the field of chemical water treatment, we can establish with precision the annual costs of our solutions. There are no surprises in store!

To cap it all, the entire chemical analyses and monitoring procedures are undertaken by our own experts, to guarantee the best possible results and complete confidentiality.

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