Limescale treatment
With Green Europe, fight limescaleclinging to your industrial installations!

Over time, industrial installations that make intensive use of water will become affected by limescale. The consequences are diverse: less efficient equipment, greater wear and tear, higher energy costs. Fortunately, you can rely on Green Europe for savings in energy and water consumption: gone are the deposits from your systems!

Limescale is costly!

All industrial water systems are eventually faced with limescale deposits unless the water is conditioned. Limescale accumulates over the years and with each day it diminishes the performance of your equipment. Apart from the increased wear and tear or corrosion from the deposits – resulting in costly repairs and new equipment – this problem will block thermal exchanges that are performed within the industrial installations (cooling circuits, heating circuits, cogeneration units, exchangers, steam boilers, fresh water pipes, etc. )

Choose the preventive solution!

One of the characteristics of water is its dissolving salinity, which can lead to limescale formation or, conversely, corrosion. The soluble salts in the water are deposited onto the inner surfaces of your equipment, limiting thermal exchanges, or even attacking the material. This phenomenon, over time, will reduce the performance of your installations, thereby increasing your energy bills and maintenance costs.

To avoid this scenario, better to prevent than cure! Water stabilisation by means of a green chemistry solution, helps prevent the limescale problems; it is less expensive (lower operating costs), with fewer imponderables. And this equates to savings on your energy bills.

Even when your equipment is damaged, we can still intervene: by performing a thorough descaling programmeto restore the affected parts, whilst implementing a preventive solution to avoid recurrence of the problem.


Limescales cling to everything: plumbing, exchangers, condensers, resistance heaters, boilers, cogeneration units, etc., driving up costs and in some cases eventually leading to the destruction of your equipment ! Fighting limescale formation is therefore crucial for the lasting performance of your industrial installations.

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End yourlimescale problems for good!

Green Europe specialists will analyse the deposits clinging to the equipment of your system and select, from our available range of technical solutions, the option that fits better with your installations. Contact us for a precise diagnosis of your limescale problems and to get the optimal solution.

Why fight limescales ?

In addition to the substantial increase of the lifespan of your installations and a drastic reduction in your energy bills, you can also decrease your water consumption, hence lower operating costs, meaning a higher operating margin.

Your brand reputation will also take a positive hike: less water ejected into the environment means a « greener » label for your company.

Limescale, the worst enemy to reverse osmosis, cooling towers, evaporative condensers, steam boilers.

Reverse osmosis systems are very sensitive to limescale, due to their selectively permeable membranes producing salt-purified water. Limescale formation on those membranes must crucially be avoided to maintain efficiency. Limescale deposits clinging to low-pressure boiler tubes, cooling towers, steam boilers and exchangers, reduces thermal exchanges. The density of those deposits leads to energy overconsumption, and possibly a rapid destruction of your installations and pipes by corrosion or deformation.

Solve your limescale problems ! Contact Green Europe!