Wastewater treatment

The polyelectrolytes (ionic polymers) are products carrying an ionic charge, giving them their ability to coagulate or flocculate the colloids present in wastewater. They render the water clear and drinkable (this purification constitutes the first « water reuse» phase).

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Green Europe offers a complete range of polyelectrolytes: organic coagulants and flocculants (cationic, anionic and non-ionic).

Any industry that uses a wastewater purification system is directly concerned, because water must in all cases adhere to existing standards, before it can be disposed into the sewage system or as surface water.

A complete analysis for a targeted solution for your needs!

Our team draw on its unequalled know-how and equipment to undertake the appropriate in-depth analyses and tests at our laboratories. We have the ability to offer you the best product for your set up. We can undertake the complete cycle of analyses (audit, engineering systems, green chemistry) to enable you to boost your savings by a greater reuse of water through polyelectrolytes.

Green Europe is one step ahead

Polyelectrolytes are marketed as a liquid concentrate or in powder form, requiring a meticulous preparation and dosing measurements, with a significant quantity of water needing to be added before it can be used. Other than their high associated cost (more energy and water intake), it also takes up an unnecessary long time.

Eaux de rejet

Simple products, safe and affordable

Green Europe places at your disposal a range of innovative and affordable products, with their new generation molecular structure, enabling those products to bypass preparation before dosing. The products can therefore be directly mixed with the wastewater that will be ejected, without interposing treatment.

  • Simpler and safer (less likely errors, because of the lack of interposing treatment), hence, the best possible chance to comply with existing standards.
  • Lower costs (doing away with additional water, and no electricity for interposing dosages)
  • Faster (fewer treatment stages).

Whether you wish to recycle your wastewater (for your internal needs) or improve your current purification procedure (prior to disposal), you want to contact Green Europe!

Foam, foe to productivity

Foam generates two major problems in the production cycle:

  1. Efficiency is strongly reduced (for example, foam can slow down a pump due to cavitation, meaning extra power to be able to operate, and therefore additional maintenance).
  2. The non-conformity of foaming water with disposal standards: foam can prevent wastewater from being disposed through the sewage system.

Traitement des eaux de rejet

Green Europe fights foam whilst respecting the environment

We place at our clients’ disposal, a series of formulae, perfect for controlling every type of foam formation :

  • water-based products
  • vegetable oil-based products
  • synthetic products

In all cases, our anti-foam products adhere to the environment

Laboratory testing: there is always a fitting anti-foam product!

We also conduct laboratory testing to provide you with the right advice about the best solution for every kind of foam problem you would meet. Green Europe looks for the best dose-to-performance ratio for your situation… hence, the best output for you.

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