Corrosion inhibitors
Put an end to corrosion!

Over the years, your industrial installations (boilers, cooling towers, drinking water pipes, cogeneration units, closed circuits, etc.), through which water circulate, will inevitably lead to rust, unless the appropriate water treatment is undertaken. A lack of adequate prevention treatment will reduce efficiency and increase the risks of a breakdown, hence maintenance expenses. With the help of Green Europe, you can at last prevent this corrosion from occurring and, by the same token, increase your productivity, whilst negating thermal exchange losses.

Corrosion hikes your energy bills!

Corrosion encompasses all phenomena by which a metal or its alloy becomes oxidised due to the influence of gaseous reactants in solution and certain atoms. A corroded tube generates oxide deposits that blocks optimal thermal exchanges. This oxide layer reduces the performance of your systems and damage your installations.

Reduce your operating costs!

It is better to act preventively what reduces your overall costs by minimizing your operating costs. However, it is still possible to act even after the problem occurs: we propose a solution through our range of organic deoxidisers or minerals to eliminate the oxide deposits and put in place a prevention procedure

Tuyau corrodé

Say no to corrosion!

Fighting corrosion means :

  • Increasing the lifespan of your installations (no more rusted tubes that crumble)
  • Reducing your energy bills (due to the increase in thermal exchange efficiency)
  • Reducing considerably your consumption of water
  • Less wastewater to be disposed
  • Increasing your productivity : your operating margin is therefore greater

Protect your installations!

On top of it all, you will avoid the detrimental alteration to the quality of raw materials being transformed, especially vital, for example, in the food production industry where contact between the cooling water and production units can sometimes occur. In this type of situation, rusted tubes can have a very negative impact.

With the thermal steam systems, monitoring corrosion is e. Because of the feed water going into the boiler, dissolved oxygen is always present, even in the installations, hence the scheduled degassing programmes.

Combine your solution with cost control!

By calling on Green Europe specialists, we can establish precisely the nature of the corrosion and the causes for the deposits and select from our range of technical solutions the most cost effective one perfectly adapted to your particular situation. A large range of completely organic products to treat your low-temperature steam boilers and polyamine-based cooling towers also enable you to reduce your purge water.

Solve your corrosion problems! Contact Green Europe!