Green Europe helps you fight the bacteria in your water!

Bacteria, legionella and salmonella are micro-organisms that develop very easily and rapidly in industrial water, with damaging consequences to health (legionnaires’ disease) or to your installations (biofilms). Green Europe can help you eliminate those bacteria !

Avoid bacterial proliferation!

Bacteria develop in water to cling onto the surfaces of metals and installations. In the latter cases, they will agglutinate into a layer (called « biofilm »), blocking thermal exchanges and triggering the formation of corrosion beneath the bacterial deposit.

High temperatures of the cooling water system, along with the concentrations of organic and inorganic substances in the water, are just the perfect conditions for microbial proliferation (microorganisms, algae and bacteria).


Secure the health in essof your operation!

Certain systems produce and carry water droplets (HVACs, showers, cooling towers, air washers, air-conditionings…) : bacteria that are present in the droplets may infect people. It is particularly the case with legionnaires’ disease and salmonella. The detection of legionella and salmonella is a key factor to the success of any microbial monitoring programme in sanitary water, air washers and cooling towers. This implies monitoring, notably, the cooling systems, air-conditioning or drinking water distribution in hospitals, sports halls or nursing homes, where all those bacteria and other microorganisms or algae, represent a serious danger to people’s health.

The implementation of microbial monitoring programmes is, therefore, indispensable for the healthiness of your sites and the people working there.

Contact Green Europe and chase away the bacteria!

With Green Europe, you can easily avoid your installation breaking down due to uncontrolled legionella or microbial proliferation.

Drawing on our expertise in bacterial infection, we can help you avert the high maintenance costs due to corrosion formation via deposits or biofilms, and those linked to poor thermal exchanges.

Our teams of specialists will undertake analyses on the nature of the bacteria present in your cooling and sanitary systems, and if necessary arrange for the purification of your installations, but always taking care to use the most appropriate solution for your situation.

Solve your bacteria problems ! Contact Green Europe!

Culture de bactéries