Technological auxiliary agents

In several sectors, water is at the core of the industrial activities. This is especially true for steel production and transformation, or in the food industry, sugar production and paper factories.

Blue gold

The sugar industry makes use of this « blue gold » not only to carry and wash the sugar beet, but also to treat and extract the sugar. Paper mills make intensive use of water to give the paper a certain consistency to withstand the drying process : the wet base is placed onto a canvas for drying to occur with the water draining off.

Increase your output !

The technological auxiliary agents offered by Green Europe leads to a greater production output and a higher end-product quality. As an example, we offer an additive that, when integrated to the wet paper base, makes it dry up faster by increasing the draining stage increasing the process throughput. Our line of chemical product also enables you to cut the raw materials cost : we possess interesting alternatives to cellulose for bleaching paper. By using our products less expensive than cellulose, you get an equivalent result at a lower cost.

Auxiliaire technologique

Control your costs

During the manufacturing processes, several chemical and microbiological problems may arise (foam formation, microbial growth, corrosion, limescales, etc.). Those obstacles can reduce productivity and increase your costs, what is not acceptable.

A complete selection for all situations

Green Europe proposes a complete selection of chemical additives/auxiliaries available for your operations to increase and optimise your production:

Sugar industry : (grating factory and refinery)

  • Biocides
  • Anti-foam
  • Anti-limescale
  • Liquefying the masse-cuites
  • Polymers for pressing
  • Bacteria for lagoons

Paper industry:

  • Anti-foam
  • Biocides
  • Sticking agent
  • Retention and draining programme
  • Cleaning canvas and felts
  • Optical bleaching
  • Dispersal agent

Coking plant:

  • Sealant for charging holes
  • Vitrification of oven inlets, base of column
  • Solubilisation of tar, naphtalene, …
  • Sealing of doors

Steel industry:

  • Organic emulsion and white water splitter
  • Anti-limescale for laminating cooling cylinders
  • Green chemistry programme without heavy metals

Food production industry:

  • Pasteurisation treatment
  • Steam boiler treatment

Refinery and petrochemical industry

  • Corrosion inhibitor
  • Separation and sedimentation of oil
  • Anti-fouling agent
  • Anti-foam

Green Europe’s expertise

Backed by its strong experience in the field, Green Europe is making available to you our entire expertise know-how about chemical products used in industrial production, to guide you through the different products and the right dosing measurements for an optimal result.

We are committed to provide you with the most competitive cost-performance ratio to boost your return on investment. Finally, our products can enable you to develop brand new end-products, that you could never have imagined possible before us.

Produits chimiques

Green Europe boosts sugar and paper production

Green Europe’s solutions include products that guarantee a better sterilisation of your industrial activities and generate savings on additives from what you may be currently using.

Are you in charge of a sugar production installation?

Avoid production breakdowns from significant microbial growth ! Avoid slowing down your activity and maintenance costs due to foam formation !

Specialists from Green Europe can undertake the monitoring analysis of the nature of the bacteria ; for example, in the water carrying the sugar beets or anywhere else in the lagoons. We can also monitor diffusion through your cooling or sanitary water systems.

Are you in charge of a paper mill?

Avoid production breakdowns due to an ineffective retention and drainage programme during your paper manufacturing processes ! Improve the productivity of your machines !

Increase the lifespan of your canvases and felts, reduce their maintenance costs by using our cleaning programmes !

Optimise your paper production

Call on Green Europe, and we will also help you fight microbial growth that is boring holes in your manufactured paper. You can also improve printing and writing qualities of your paper, with our sticking programmes. In addition, our conditioning programmes will help you avoid the costly disbursements linked to poor thermal exchanges from the steam blown into the dryer unit.

Boost your output ! Contact Green Europe !