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Green Europe is an expert company specialized in the optimisation of industrial water equipment. With our help, you can increase the performance of your installations, reduce your operating costs and, while at the same time, minimize the environmental impact of your operation.

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Green Europe : cutting-edge audits

Drawing on our experience and teams of experts, Green Europe has been undertaking cutting-edge water treatment audits and advanced chemical analyses for decades.

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Our clients are spread around all industrial sectors, in metallurgy, food production, petrochemical and energy industries, collectivities, hospitals, businesses, banks, hotels, as well as wastewater operators.

Inspection of existing systems

Upon request, our specialists visit your installations to undertake a comprehensive study of the operating conditions of your actual system, whilst collecting the necessary data for an in-depth scientific analysis.We can then provide you with a detailed operating schema of your entire equipment, along with a description of problems that we uncovered.

With these collected elements and our unique know-how, we can suggest recommendations of how to optimise your system and/or changes needing to be made to your equipment.

Our experts will match those recommendations with the right implementation protocol, which we can also undertake for you. Our objectives are clear: increase the performance of your industrial installations and reduce your operating costs.

Proposals for improvements

Once the audit phase is over, we will send you a scope of work, with detailed illustrations and comments, comprising :

  • The context description, existing procedures and limits (analysis of your industrial installation) ;
  • An inventory of all existing equipment and limits;
  • The chemical water-conditioning programme used;
  • A description of materials and/orther mal management;
  • Feedback of chemical water analyses undertaken, based on a certain number of samples;
  • Problems uncovered;
  • Proposals for improving the monitoring processes;
  • Recommendations and instructions;
  • Assessment of the impact of the proposed changes on your installation, in terms of their duration as well as their financial and environmental impact, and this with your ROI in mind;
  • An annotated bibliography in line with existing technical standards, as well as good practice guidelines.

We will then establish a benchmarking report and present this to the project manager, with whom we will finalise conclusions from the audit.

Processus d'audit

To summarise

  • You wish to verify and optimise the performance of your industrial installations!
  • You wish to reduce your environmental impact and to comply with the latest existing standards – and at the same time enhance the « green » image of your company!
  • You wish to increase your competitiveness and productivity!
  • Your water and energy overheads are too high!

Call the audit services of Green Europe!

  1. Confidentiality of the inspection report and data collected from the audit of your installations and water analyses;
  2. A correct and accurate assessment of costs;
  3. Reliability of results of the analyses, undertaken by our own experts and approvedlaboratories;
  4. Europe manufacturing plants are ISO 9000, ISO 14000 certified, with TÜV and Kösher approvals.

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