Technical assistance
Green Europe’s assistance services

The success of a chemical treatment does not only depend on the quality of the chemical products used, but also on the quality of technical assistance you receive during the course of this programme specialised in the treatment of industrial water.

Direct scientific monitoring

Green Europe guarantees regular onsite monitoring and chemical analysis within its treatment programmes, with the aim of achieving the best return on your investments. Using of our fully-equipped mobile laboratory vehicles our staff has immediate access to all the necessary analytical equipment to undertake all onsite chemical monitoring to fulfill all your analytical requirements or to act directly on your installations whenever necessary.

If needs arise, we can under take all the vital technical assessments at our central laboratories, for any specific/special analysis or testing.

Due to our flexible structure, Green Europe offers both fast and efficient technical assistance. Our well-equipped mobile laboratories can satisfy all your specific demands.

Green Europe can undertake monitoring of your installation

During the deployment of our industrial water treatment programmes, Green Europe can run the following onsite chemical analyses and monitoring programmes:

  • Monitoring of boiler water
  • Monitoring of cooling tower water
  • Monitoring of wastewater to be disposed

Monitoring of production fluids (paper mills, sugar refineries, coking plants, or petrochemical, cogeneration and food production units, etc.)

All improvements – quickly made minor adjustments – are immediately completed during our visit. After each visit, our expert assistance staff will prepare the analytical report including all the necessary comments and possible implementation guidelines. They will promptly submit it to you, our client. The water treatment optimisation programme can then start.

Contact us further advice on the technical assistance that Green Europe can provide for your company.

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